A workshop on Geometry and Analysis for Gérard Besson's sixtieth Birthday
30 May-4 Jun 2016 Χώρα, Σαμοθράκης (Greece)


To go to Samothrace: There is no aiport on the island, thus

  • First you need to fly to the city of Alexandroupolis.
  • Then one takes a ferry (journey last around 2h30) from the port of Alexandroupolis to the port of Samothrace, Kamariotissa.

Regarding the ferries according to schedule of the SAOS ferries company, the boat leaving from Alexandroupoli to Samothraki are planed as follows on the way in

Saturday 28: no boats
Sunday 29: 12h30
Monday 30: 9h00
Tuesday 31: 14:30
Wednesday 1: 16:00
and on the way out (Samothraki to Alexandroupoli)
Tuesday 31:  no boats
Wednesday 1: 9:00
Thursday 2: 7:00
Friday 3: 8:30
Saturday 4: 12h30 (arriving in Alexandroupoli around 15h00 hence getting a plane around 16h30 is possible).

The conference will take place in the old olive mill of the village of Chora.

There are few accomodations in the village of Chora, hence most participant will have to stay close by the sea. We will have buses taking the participant to the village and back. There is also a very nice camping near Therma. More informations to come.

The village of Chora is about 5km from Kamariotissa. Should you feel up to it, renting a bicycle is a good option.

Some more informations:

  • Taxi from the airport to the city of Alexandroupolis is about 10€ (fare on the counter + 3euros)
  • The docks were the ferry leaves from is quite easy to find (close to the Faros).
    The airport is close to the city (it is a small city), let say that 15mn is the transfer time from the airport to the port with a taxi (see itinerary on google here )
  • Bring hiking shoes and swimwear

Any question can be addressed to besson60@sciencesconf.org.

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